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This open multilingual web resource (URPS wiki repository - was created and supported by the Ukrainian Radiation Protection Society (URPS) for development, dissemination and application of scientific and practical knowledge in the field of radiation protection, the impact of ionizing radiation on human and environmental risk assessment of exposure relative to benefits received from the use of ionizing radiation and nuclear energy.

Prior to and during work, the following information can be found useful about:


Development of radon DDP dosimetry method - by using ICRP dosimetric models critical components of dose formation from radon are considered on a basis of which technical requirements for instrumental dosimetric methods of radon daughter decay products are substantiated.
Results of dosimetric certification of Ukraine in 2011 - substantiation of amendments in radoactive contamination zoning of Ukraine + interactive Google map.
Alpha spectrometry using solid state track detectors - applications: ultra-low activity, monitoring of hot particles, dosimetry of radon and thoron.


Radiation. Dose, effects, risks - paradoxically that the publication has not lost its relevance despite major changes in the world for more than 25 years since its issuance. This combination of high demands to the accuracy of data and findings in conjunction with author's impartiality and availability of presentation make this publication the center of balance in ideological storms associated with biological effects and practical application of radiation.
Iaea-glossary small.jpg
IAEA glossary 2007 - 895 terms and commented defintions.

Handbooks and references

Reference and radiation dosimetry data - Access to 162,631 records regarding radiation and decay of 2072 radioactive isotopes of all (presently known) 118 elements of the periodic table is achievable within three mouse clicks. The tabulated data used are borrowed from an authoritative source: Decay Radiation Search of National Nuclear Data Center, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA. Mediawiki provides a lightweight and elegant access to each record. Description of the project can be found on page Radiation and dosimetric data, and detailed structure of the data, including useful links to basic concepts used, can be found on page Radioisotope data structure. In the near future connection of data on dose conversion factors for external and internal exposure by ICRP is similarly planned.
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Selecting the desired Ukrainian-Latin transliteration - In modern life writing a Ukrainian text in another language alphabet is often required. This procedure is called transliteration. Primarily transliteration is demanded in Internet applications and the mobile environment, for translation of proper nouns including toponymic names, as well as in foreign dictionaries when displaying the phonetic sound of Ukrainian words is needed, etc.
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